Friday, 20 June 2014

Juneathon Day 18 - Sports Day

Today I was going to vary my exercise routine up a bit and go for a bike ride instead of the normal walk round the village, but at the last second I turned right out of the school gates instead of left to come home. I think I knew in my heart of hearts, that if I came home I might not get back out for a cycle! I didn't have my ipod to listen too on the walk but I managed to keep up the pace anyway and get round in my usual time.

After lunch is was back to school as it was Sports Day. The children are divided in 5 houses named after the Continents. They compete in a variety of "field events" (javelin (a foam one!), shot put, long jump, bean bag throws and speed bounce), then more onto "track events" dependent upon their Year (egg & spoon, skipping or obstacle course) and the finale are "flat races" of varying lengths.

Miss H attacked everything with gusto and won her Skipping Race Heat which she was mega pleased about. The smile on her face got even bigger when at the end of the afternoon her house team were named the overall WINNERS!  The very warm afternoon was finished off with loud cheers and cold ice lollies!

Juneathon Running Total = 50k

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