Friday, 20 June 2014

Juneathon Day 19

I spent the morning pottering about the house doing minimal housework - but which mostly consisted of defrosting the freezer. I love how these "no frost" freezer don't necessarily mean that - but then maybe there is something I should be doing that I'm not. Wonder where the instruction manual is??

Mr D was working from home today and as he had arranged to go out to lunch with Mr C from next door, I dropped them at the pub on the way to the supermarket.

Does anybody else get fed up of the weekly grind of trying to meal plan?  Due to evening activities, there are only 3 nights in the week that we can all eat together. Another day Miss H eats before Brownies whilst we eat while she is out, and then Wednesdays are just crazy as Miss H has swimming and Mr D plays cricket!

Last week I tried out a couple of new recipes both of which were gobbled down in double speed so they will definitely be cooked again.

Mr D took charge tonight but as he didn't let me know his timeframe in advance I had to wait until 8pm to go out for my run! It was still quite warm but as the whole of the country seemed to be watching some very overpaid blokes kick a football about at least it was quiet!

Today was the final run of Week 7 (25 mins) and I managed to run a little bit further slightly quicker than I did on the previous 2 attempts. Yeah!

Juneathon Running Total = 53.6k

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